Ian Whittlesea presents four texts in the window of Publics.

The texts function as both instruction and permission to the passerby.
A chance to pause and consider something very basic...

Stand still. Be quiet.
Close your eyes. Breath in.
Open your eyes. Breath out.
Slowly in. Slowly out.

As with a parent’s directions to a child the statements can be felt as unwanted and authoritarian or as a gentle encouragement to a better way. 

The simplicity of the text’s suggestions holds an implicit critique of the inattention of the everyday, and yet in these strange times could also be a description of the new normal, when breath and its control has become central to everybody’s lives.


Ian Whittlesea’s work explores the relationships between language, light, image and diagram both on the page and in the world. It is driven by a renegotiation of modernist and esoteric histories, especially those which propose possibilities of embodied transformation. From devoting five years to become a black belt in judo in order to better understand Yves Klein’s practice to exploring the Mazdaznan breathing and movement exercises that Johannes Itten taught at the Bauhaus he has consistently attempted to elucidate Sol LeWitt’s statement: Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.

















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