Ian Whittlesea – Stand Still. Be quiet.

Ian Whittlesea’s work is driven by a renegotiation of modernist and esoteric histories, especially those which propose possibilities of embodied transformation. From devoting five years to become a black belt in judo in order to better understand Yves Klein’s practice to exploring the Mazdaznan breathing and movement exercises that Johannes Itten taught at the Bauhaus.

Two paintings from the ‘White Cloud Forming’ series might seem as material enactments of such disciplines, almost to the point of the paintings’ disappearance into the white of their own making.

In the installation a text piece functions both as instruction and permission for the viewer, articulating the space in which the work is situated. It defines the conditions of experience.

The fourth work, The Light from Fiona Banner’s Studio, dates from 4th of April 1997 at 2.15pm, and carries forward the particular conditions of that time and place. Another site of exchange, taking measure of something short-lived.

New Viewings curated by Andrew Renton
November 2020

Galerie Barbara Thumm










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