Ian Whittlesea & The Everyday Press invite you to the launch of Becoming Invisible.

Tuesday 8th April 6.30 - 8.30pm
Marcus Campbell Art Books
43 Holland Street London


Becoming Invisible
The Everyday Press, London

Becoming Invisible is a guide and visual primer that draws on the literature of Rosicrucianism, theosophy and esoteric yoga. It describes how, through visualisation and breathing exercises, the reader will be able to split light into its constituent parts and then recombine the seven colours of the spectrum to form a glowing white cloud that envelops its creator. Thus, potentially, anyone can achieve the goal of becoming invisible.

Ian Whittlesea is an artist whose work is concerned with the ability of text to transform the physical and psychic state of the viewer. His translation of Yves Klein's Les Fondements du Judo was published in 2009 and his newly illustrated and appended edition of Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture in 2012. These texts, along with Becoming Invisible, have been collectively described as 'instruction manuals for transcendental exercise'.

The Everyday Press was founded in 2007 by artist Arnaud Desjardin to publish the work of visual artists as printed matter.

Becoming Invisible
ISBN: 9780956173898
The Everyday Press
50 colour pages
118mm x 178mm
Vertical portrait
Case bound, paper over 1.5mm board
Printed on Arcoprint 140gsm
Edition of 1000
Written and illustrated by Ian Whittlesea

Distributed in Europe by Anagram Books

Distributed in North America by D.A.P





















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