Ian Whittlesea (b. 1967, UK) lives in London. His work is concerned with words, and with the ability of text to transform the physical and psychic state of the viewer. It assumes many forms, from painstaking paintings to printed books, ephemeral posters and transient projections, and explores the relationships between language, image and diagram both on the page and in the world. His consistent engagement with the legacy of conceptual art, as well as his exploration of the esoteric theories of occult traditions such as Mazdaznan, Rosicruciansim and Theosophy, has taken text into the expanded field.

Whittlesea first became known for his series of Studio Paintings that, using white paint on a dark ground, simply name the place that another artist or writer has worked. In 2004 he began practicing judo and five years later, after gaining his black belt, published a translated facsimile of Yves Klein's book Les Fondements du Judo. His newly illustrated edition of Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture was published in 2012. These texts, along with his Becoming Invisible project, have been collectively described as 'instruction manuals for transcendental exercise'.

In 2017 his book The Egyptian Postures was published by The Everyday Press and his esoteric mass hallucination Becoming Invisible in the Bascule Chamber of Tower Bridge staged for Art Night London.

Recent solo exhibitions include Some books and light to read them by PrintRoom, Rotterdam NL (2018), In the beginning… 1961 Projects, Singapore (2017), Breath is Life, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool UK (2015), Attaining Cosmic Consciousness, Tenderbooks, London UK (2014) and A Breathing Bulb, Marlborough Contemporary, London UK (2014). Group exhibitions include Now is forever lasting constant in the mind, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2016), Exercises in Empathy, Site, Sheffield UK (2015), Resource, Bluecoat, Liverpool UK (2015) and Everything is About to Happen, Artists Space, NY USA (2014).