Ian Whittlesea - Occasionals

Occasionals, London, 2008
Everyone - Gertrude Stein  / Peggy Guggenheim / Frank O'Hara

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occasionals /

is an artist run project space where artists, writers and curators can present their work in a one day or evening event. It could be a work still in the making or not exhibited before, and a chance to talk about it with other people there and then.


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Saturday 26th January 2008 - Ian Whittlesea

occasionals will be presenting 3 projections by Ian Whittlesea. Each projection shows a series of names and is an attempt to list chronologically everyone an individual met in their lifetime. The names are projected as white text on a white wall in an illuminated space. Each name slowly appears and fades away to be replaced by the next. These are ongoing works, altered and added to over time as the artist acquires new biographical information about the subjects.

The works can be viewed from beginning to end, or at any time
between 2:59 and 8:00pm.

2:59 – 4:53pm > Everyone - Peggy Guggenheim
4:53 – 6:26pm > Everyone - Frank O'Hara
6:26 – 8:00pm > Everyone - Gertrude Stein

There will be drinks and a short, informal discussion during the final projection from 6:26 - 8:00pm.


contact & directions /


studio 15.3
third floor
1 - 15 Cremer St.
London E2 8HD

bell: third floor west
tel: 07910 238 420

tube: Old St. about 7 mins walk / Liverpool St. about 10 mins walk
bus: from Old St. 55, 243 / from Liverpool St. 26, 48, 242, 149

organised by Philomene Pirecki