Concentric Spectrum
148 x 105mm
Published by Peter Foolen Editions, Eindhoven


Gallery Dodo

One can confidently say that more postcards have been sent from, rather than to, the seaside resort of Brighton. However, it’s never entirely one-way traffic.

‘The Postcard Show’ opens next Friday evening at Gallery DODO and is showing postcards that have been sent to the gallery by 25 artists. These artists share a consideration of the postcard as an art object in itself -the artwork is the postcard rather than just on it- and utilise, in varying ways, the everyday process of the postal service, its recto/verso and image/text form, or engage with the postcard’s conventions.

Postcards from: Claudia de la Torre, Mocksim, Ian Whittlesea, Darren Calder, Jonathan Monk, Sebastiane Hegarty, Setsuko, Russell Weekes, Nick Davies, Ryan Gander, Steven Emmanuel, Scott Robertson, Saskia Takens-Milne, MacDonaldStrand, John Shankie, David Bellingham, Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press, Hwang Eunyoung, Jon Carritt and Dan Palmer, Guy Bigland, Sam St. Leger, Helmut Smits, Matt Harding, Christine Demias and Micah Lexier









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