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Dear Marlborough Contemporary,

We would to like invite you to contribute to a special project for Art Brussels 2014.

Art Brussels, together with the Aquarelle asbl are launching The Art Brussels colouring book, for children but also adults!

The women encountered within the Aquarelle asbl are derived from the immigration and live in a high degree of insecurity, without social security.
By his action Aquarelle sought to ensure to these young women a Comprehensive perinatal follow regular of the pregnancy, a psycho-social support according to their needs to prepare for the reception of the baby, and finally establish the relay with the consultations of infants.

This special edition, which is supported by ING Bank, will contain black and white drawings by international artists and will be sold at Art Brussels as a charity action to benefit Aquarelle asbl.

This colouring book will have about 50 pages of drawings (drawing recto, white page on the back). The Art Brussels Colouring book as well as the artists' original drawings will be for sale entirely to the benefit of the Aquarelle asbl. The original drawing (A4 size) will be framed and shown in the ING stand, HALL 3 at Art Brussels, and sold for 1500€ to the benefit of the Aquarelle asbl. The colouring book will also be given, for free, to children participating in the Kids Corner at Art Brussels, as well as to the participating artists and galleries. It will also be for sale at 20€ at the fair and afterwards at different selling points (announced later on the website of Art Brussels).
The names of the artists and the exhibiting gallery will of course be mentioned.

We would like to invite you to participate in this very worthwhile project by asking one of your artists, to make a drawing for the colouring book and who is willing to donate this for the benefit of Aquarelle asbl. The theme of the project is on "Identity", and the specifications for the drawing are black-and-white and A4 size. There will be no selection process for this. The drawing, approved by the exhibiting gallery, will be included.

Best Regards,
Art Brussels Team



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